Unexpected incident has distracted me from these thoughts. Suddenly my carriage has shuddered, as if failing somewhere,
and has risen. I have not kept balance and have painfully hit about a wall. During the first instant I have decided that us
have attacked, and, to the shame, was frightened. However the carriage has only got into the big hole on road; soon
legionaries have pulled out it, and our train has continued a way.
- Damned roads, - has muttered at my window of Marsy. - is more true, here absolutely they are not present. One earth yes
- And you would like to drive about on asphalt and concrete? - I have grinned.
He has nodded.
- Really that prevents to construct to your government here normal roads and then instead of rough vehicles we could use
cars. Unless it will rise more expensively?! - certainly, Mars. In one thousand, in one million, in billion krat is more expensive! -
I do not understand.
- Let's admit, we will construct it roads. And what then, favourite? Then they will desire to have cars: something should go
on these fine roads! And for cars the electricity is required. For an electricity - an aether. For aether catching - crystals-efirity
and power frameworks. And now think, Mars: if they have excellent roads, perfect cars, an electricity, efirity and power
frameworks what they after that will be barbarians and what we after that will be the Civilization?! Having received all it, they
will want to have mobiles instead of horses, vidikonovuju communication instead of carrier pigeons, they will understand what
to fly on ekranoplanah and aerospheres it is better, rather than to skip on horses... I any more do not say that they, remained
at heart barbarians, use all this power not to myself in the blessing, and against us. Let it will be better all as is.
My aggressive god for a long time has reflected, and then has told: - It is possible to construct roads and not to give the
car. Or to reserve the control over cars. And at all it is not obligatory to give to them efirity. Let receive an electricity from the
sun or, for example, from windmills. Unless it is dangerous? - For the sake of the Creator and all great avatarov, to anybody
any more do not tell anything similar! - I have moaned. - here the most dangerous to begin! If progress is started really, it will
not stop! And that you offer, is much worse: you suggest to give the chance to barbarians to search for alternative energy
sources! You recollect that happens five hundred years ago when the Persian shah Bahram has equipped masters of the
country with steam-engines and has added to the arsenal "hansky fire" 82...